Common three protective film materials

1. PE protective film: The primary raw material is LLDPE, the protective film is soft and has certain stretchability. The thickness is generally 0.05MM-0.15MM, and the viscosity varies from 5G to 500G depending on the application requirements (the viscosity is different between domestic and foreign countries, such as 200 grams of Korean film equivalent to 80 grams domestically). The protective film item of the PE protective film is divided into an electrostatic protective film and a textured protective film. The electrostatic protective film is a kind of maintenance film with electrostatic adsorption force. It is a maintenance film with no glue at all. Of course, the viscosity is relatively weak, and it is mainly used for external maintenance such as electroplating. The netted protective film is a kind of maintenance film with many meshes on the outside. This kind of maintenance film has better air permeability, and the paste is more beautiful, unlike the plain film, which will leave bubbles.

2. OPP protective film: OPP protective film is similar to PET protective film in appearance, its hardness is large, and it has certain flame retardancy, but its paste application is poor, and it is rarely used in the market.

protective film PE protective film OPP protective film


3.PET protective film: pet protective film is the most common protective film on the market. The three-layer PET protective film is used for mobile phones and tablets. The chemical name is polyester film. The characteristic is that the texture is harder and more scratch-resistant, and it will not turn yellow as oiled PVC material for a long time. However, the protective film of PET is generally based on electrostatic adsorption, which is relatively easy to foam and fall off, but it can be reused even if it is washed in clean water. The price of PET protective film is much more expensive than PVC. PET material protection stickers are used for workmanship and packaging. There is a protective film specially designed for hot mobile phone types. It can be used directly without cutting.

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