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The glue coated in diamond shapes on film is easy for the air removal after used on the diffuser PET glass plastic surface.
Well sticky and easy removal without any residue left.
Low tack adhesion from 3 to 50g/25mm, suitable for electronic product surface.
Best factory price helps reduce your purchasing cost.
Large factory manufacturing, personalized customization with good quality stability.

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1. Product Basic Structure For Embossed Protective Film:

Embossed Protective Film

2. Standard Specification For Embossed Protective Film

Obecné vlastnosti
Vzhled / Průhledná / Visual
Tloušťka um 30-80 ±5% GB/T7125-2014
Přilnavost gf / 25mm 5-20 ±5% GB/T 2792-2014
Šířka mm 1220, 1250 ±5% GB/T451.2-2002
Délka Metr 200, 400, 500 ±5% GB/T451.2-2002

Note: We also offer customized manufacture for below SPEC, please check with Hualibao representative to select the suitable embossed film before order:

Base Material: LDPE film or PE film

Barva: Clear/Blue

Adhesion Range: 3-50g/25mm

Tloušťka (Micron/μ): 30mic~ 100mic, or customized

Šířka: 10mm ~ 1560mm

Délka: 50m ~ 1000meters, standard 200, 400, 500 and 1000m.

3. aplikace & Characters For Embossed Protective Film:
◆Protect all kinds of plastic shells, displays, mobile phone screens, PVC sheets, acrylic sheets, solární panely, spray parts and other surfaces, and play a protective role in the production process; Greatly improve work efficiency, increase output, reduce the defective rate of products.

◆Embossed PE film texture is soft, high transparency, can effectively avoid the bubble phenomenon when the product coated film, can provide better protection for the product.

◆Embossed film can make the goods in the transport, processing, storage and use of the process is not contaminated, corrosion, scratch, protect the original product bright and clean.

◆It is suitable for electronic and electrical materials: light guide plate, electronic screen, instrument surface, automobile instrument, shell, air conditioning surface and various household appliances surface protection, titanium metal plate, atd.

◆Also widely used in plastic plate: plexi glass plate, PVC light panel, ABS light panel, plastic plate and plastic shell protection, all kinds of die cutting processing process protection

Embossed Protective Film

4. Direction Use For Embossed Protective Film
◆ Clean your material thoroughly before use. Keep the surface dry and clean, free from oil, dust, solvents or other chemicals to prevent any residue happen.
◆ Use roller or stamping machine when use the protective film.
◆ Make sure the film is perfectly stick to material.
◆ Suggested temperature of surface and surroundings at +15°C to 40°C for the embossed film lamination.

5. Storage Condition for Embossed Protective Film
◆ Best keep it in temperature 23±2(℃), humidity 65%±5%.
◆ Guaranteed period: Within 6 months after purchase. Not included if it exposed to sunlight, above 40℃ and 70% humidity or below 0℃.

6. Precautions for Embossed Protective Film:
◆ Data above is tested by method of industry recognition but not as guarantee of size of product.
◆ Check with sample before or contact us when use in special material and processing.
◆ This document is owned by GUANGDONG HUALIBAO CO.,LTD. Do not use it without official permission.

7.Graceful surrounding For Manufacturing Embossed Protective Film


8.Advanced equipments on mass production for Embossed Protective Film

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