Die cutting method for a protective film

Die cutting – use a mold to cut the protective film out of the desired shape to match the customer’s needs during assembly.

Double-sided tape dies cutting:
Die-cutting is the punching of the desired shape after the existing product is applied to the bottom paper. Generally, the brand double-sided tape and single-sided tape are used for the bonding, fixing, conducting, and insulating between various parts, anti-vibration, sealing and anti-proof. Dust, dark, etc.
Brand double-sided tape: 3M (USA), TESA (Germany Tesa), NITTO (Japan Nitto), SONY (Japan Sony), DIC (Greater Japan), SEKISUI (Japan Sekisui), TERAOKA (Japanese Temple) Taiwan, Siwei and China produce a variety of single and double tape.

The protective film dies cutting:
The protective film can be classified into low viscosity, medium viscosity, and high viscosity according to its adhesiveness. The viscosity can be selected according to the requirements of different industries.
In order to protect these optical films during the manufacture, processing, and transportation of optical protective films, protective films are widely used. The material has a very high degree of transparency and therefore does not detract from the appearance characteristics of the product. Since the protective film is a lightly bonded type, adhesion and peeling can be performed under low tension.

The above is the die cutting method for a protective film for pe protective film. If you want to know more about glass protection film, floor protection film, etc., you can contact us.

Post time: 2019-03-12