Do you know the production principle of protective film?

The protective film material has experienced more than five years of development from the beginning of PP materials to the AR materials currently in use, and has gradually become popular with mobile phones and PAD users. Today, manufacturers of HuaLiBao Co., Ltd. and everyone talk about the production principle of protective film.

1. Principle of protective film adhesive (glue)
Viscoelastic polymer
Protective film: the adhesive layer can be in close contact with the surface of the adherend and flow into the groove of the surface to be adhered as much as possible, so that the useful contact area is increased.
Tear protective film: the adhesive layer has a high anti-peeling adjustment, and the higher the peeling speed, the higher the peeling strength of the pressure sensitive adhesive
Protective film bonding function (sticky): T
Initial tack, adhesion, cohesion, keying

Protective film

2. Main factors affecting the adhesion of protective film
Moisture: As long as the pressure-sensitive adhesive has excellent moistness on the surface of the object to be bonded, it will be in close contact and create conditions for physical and chemical bonding.
Molecular movement and enthalpy: The pressure-sensitive adhesive molecules move toward the surface of the material to be bonded. When the spacing bond between the two is less than 5A, physical and chemical bonding occurs.
Soaking: the movement of the rubber layer, soaking into the groove and the empty space under a certain pressure, so that the contact area between the two increases, and mechanical bonding occurs between the adhesive and the material to be adhered.

3. Preparation of substrate protective film
Blow molding, casting, calendering

4. the surface treatment of the substrate protective film
Corona treatment: constitutes a polar reactive group and constitutes a very fine pit
Coating: uniformly apply liquid glue on the substrate protective film, start drying

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Post time: 2019-04-14