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OPP protective film is made of Oriented Polypropylene Film, and coated with special acrylic resin for the adhesive. It is mainly used for surface protection during product processing, assembly and transportation. It is widely use on material surface like PMMA, PET sheet, PC board, ABS plastic, metal panel for protection, it is also use for logo transferring.

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1.Technical Data Sheet For

Products Name: Transparent Clear OPP Protective Film

پایه مواد: Oriented Polypropylene plastic

Type of Adhesive: Solvent-based acrylic glue

رنگ: Transparent /Clear

چسبندگی: 3-500گرم / 25mm در

عرض: standard 1270mm. Customized 10mm ~ 1350mm,

ضخامت (میکرون / میکرون): 30100 ~ کوچک, یا سفارشی

طول: standard 200/500m.

Temperature Resistance: 0درجه سانتیگراد – 120درجه سانتیگراد

OPP protective film

2. Features OPP Protective Film:
(1). Low to high tack adhesion from 3 to 500g/25mm, suitable for various PMMA, PET sheet, PC board, ABS plastic, metal panel protections in the electronic industry.
(2). Easy lamination and easy removal, no glue transfer phenomenon.
(3). High temperature resistant up to 120 Degree C
(4). Extremely high transparency.
(5). Anti-scratch.
(6). Large-scale factory manufacturing, personalized customization with good quality stability and best price.

3.Graceful surrounding For Manufacturing OPP Protective Film

4.Advanced equipments on mass production for OPP Protective Film

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