How to quickly remove the protective film of the tile?

At the time of renovation, we will put a protective film on the tiles. Then, after the renovation is completed, how to remove the tile protective film?

How to quickly remove the protective film of the tile?

1. When the tile protective film can’t be opened, we can use liquids with acidic properties such as dilute hydrochloric acid and toilet spirit, but we must pay attention to the concentration can not be too high, can be diluted slightly, and then Apply it to the oxidized protective film of the tile. Wait a moment for the reaction to be removed with a shovel, but everyone should be aware that the liquid cannot be found on the floor tiles.

2. If the area of the tile protective film is not large, we can also choose banana water, banana water, and steel ball, and then drop it.

3. Heat the tile with hot water and scrape off the protective film with a shovel, then wipe with a toilet liquid.

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Post time: 2019-07-20