glass window protective film’s Classification

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Today, glazing protective films are used in a wide range of applications. According to the application field, the current glass window protective film is roughly divided into three categories: architectural glass window protective film, automotive glass window protective film, safety glass window protective film.

Architectural glass window protective film
The architectural glass window protective film is mainly designed for energy saving and heat insulation, and has external UV protection and safety functions. The film can also be classified into a heat reflective film and a low radiation film. The heat reflective film is attached to the surface of the glass to allow visible and near-infrared light to pass through the room, but not to pass far infrared light. Therefore, there is enough light to enter the room, and most of the solar heat is reflected back, so that the indoor temperature does not rise too much in the hot summer, thereby reducing the indoor air conditioning load, saving air conditioning costs and energy saving. The low-emission film can transmit a certain amount of short-wave solar radiant energy, so that the solar radiant heat enters the room and is absorbed by the indoor object; at the same time, it can retain the long-wave infrared reflection of more than 90% of the indoor object in the room. Low-emission films can make full use of solar radiation and long-wave radiant energy from indoor objects. Therefore, it can be used for insulation and energy saving in cold areas and heating buildings.

Automotive glazing protective film
The automotive glass window protective film has the functions of energy saving, ultraviolet shielding, security and theft prevention. It also has high requirements for visible light transmittance and visible light reflectance of the window film, especially the front glass film.

Safety glass window protective film
There is a layer of adhesive with strong adhesion between the protective film and the glass. The film itself has good tear resistance and penetration resistance. Even if it is broken, even if the glass is broken, it can maintain the original overall state and prevent accidents. The glass breaks and splashes the second damage to the human body. Its main function is safety and explosion protection. It is generally used in financial institutions such as banks, jewelry shop windows, museums, hotel halls and other important places or exhibition halls. The film has a certain heat insulation, ultraviolet light blocking ability and high transparency.

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Post time: 2019-06-05