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Hot Sale Surface Protection Product

Here you will find the most hot selling product of our company, all of them are very popular with our customers.Hot sale surface protection products include: Transfer Paper Plotting Sheet, Carpet Film Carpet Protector, Embossed Protective Film, Self Adhesive LDPE Film, ......
  • Blue Protective Film

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    Blue Protective Film

    1.Customizable width: 500-1560mm;
    2.Customizable roll length 50-1500 meters;
    3.Adhesion can be made from 5g-1000g/25mm base on the roughness of the surface.
    4.Anti-UV can be added in production for the outdoor application
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  • Transfer Paper Plotting Sheet

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    Transfer Paper Plotting Sheet

    Hualibao transfer paper is made of high strength and high toughness base paper, which is treated by anti-adhesion on the back, and coated with rubber type water based pressure-sensitive adhesive. This product is also called Positioning Paper or Plotting Sheet. We make it in...Read More

  • Carpet Film Carpet Protector

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    Carpet Film Carpet Protector

    1. This carpet plastic cover applies to the renovation, decoration, party and other carpet surface protection, prevents the carpet surface contamination and damage.
    2. Hualibao’s carpet protector has stable adhering capacity, easy to use, easy to tear, no residual glue,...
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  • Embossed Protective Film

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    Embossed Protective Film

    It is protection film made of PE film (Low-Density Polyethylene film) as the base material, one side coating with embossed acrylic adhesive. Feature as below:
    1.Embossed film is a kind of protective film with many grids on the surface, which has better air permeability...
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  • Self Adhesive LDPE Film

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    Self Adhesive LDPE Film

    1. This product is also called Electrostatic self-absorber PE film, no glue adhesive protective film, Electrostatic film, EVA film, etc.
    2. Self adhere to your product surface, no glue or adhesive contain.
    3. Great transparency, no water wave and crystal...
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If you're interested in hot sale products, welcome to buy quality products from professional manufacturers and suppliers here. Besides, customized hot sale products is also available in our factory.