Main Features Of LDPE Protective Film

LDPE film is mainly used in packaging, such as food packaging, industrial parts, footwear, clothing, etc., but also used in automatic packaging and sugar, salt, etc. It is widely used in the fields of agriculture and cable industry.

1. LDPE film has low mechanical strength, good flexibility, high elongation and low surface hardness.

2. LDPE protective film has good low temperature resistance, brittleness temperature is -70 , good impact resistance at low temperature, wide application temperature range, use temperature between -60 ~ 60

3. The LDPE film has better transparency. The LDPE film has a transparency of 80%, a higher transmittance, and a haze of about 5%. The LDPE film is the most transparent variety in the polyethylene protective film. It can be used in the sales packaging of goods and provides very good display effects for goods. In applications such as agricultural films that require higher transparency, LDPE films are also more advantageous.

4. LDPE film has better heat-sealing synthetic properties. Bags can be conveniently and reliably made with ordinary heating components through heat welding. Therefore, in addition to being used alone as a packaging film, it is more often used as a heat seal layer for composite films. The film has poor heat sealability.

5. LDPE has low water absorption, excellent water resistance and moisture resistance, but great air permeability and poor fragrance retention.

6. LDPE protective film has good chemical resistance, resistance to hydrochloric acid at various concentrations, sulfuric acid below 50%, nitric acid below 40%, good alkali resistance, and general organic solvents below 60%.

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Post time: 2019-12-02