Védő fólia Műanyag Board adatlap Panel

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1. Protective film use on Plastic surface during different processing, assembling and finishing.

2. The film helps for anti scratching, marring, or damage in every stage of the plastic part’s journey.

3. The proven performance of our protective film products will help assure the performance and appearance of your plastic board sheet panel.

4. Made in China! Special price in HUALIBA mass production.

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Product Data for Plastic Board Sheet Panel Protective Film

Szín: Átlátszó / Kék / stb..
Vastagság: 30 – 150 mikron
Hossz: 50 1000m,
Szélesség: Max 1.5m
nyomtathatóság: Max 3 színek a felszínen
Tapadás: Up to 1000g/25mm
Ragasztóanyag: Acrylic resin.
Alkalmazás: Suitable for ABS, PP injection product, PVC lemez, akril tábla, méter, plastic optical lenses, painted part, stb..
Jellemzők: Stabil tapadó képesség.
Környezeti, tartós, újrahasznosítható, biztonságos.
Acid proof, nedvességálló, korrózióvédelmi
Easy to paste and peel off, without any residue.
Csomagolás: Carton and pallet package
Mennyiségi egység: 20000 négyzetméter
átfutási idő: 15 – 25 napok
Fizetési feltételek: Fob Shunde / Guangzhou / Shenzhen Port

30% TT in advance, 70% fizetett szállítás előtt.

Protective Film For Plastic Board sheet Panel Protective Film For Plastic Board sheet Panel

Q: What is your advantage?
A: Made from 100% virgin resin. It can be applied manually or automatically and is sold in rolls of different sizes. On the other hand our product cover most applications. Films crystal color, with UV protection, printed, different film thicknesses. In addition, we can develop products according to specific customer needs.

Q: How long can the protective film stay outside?
A: The protective film has more than 6 months anti UV aging performance.

Q: How can we get a sample from Hualibao?
A: We have to work out the most suitable adhesive level for the target surface. Please send us message to provide more details about it and we will send you the sample.

Q: How can we get in touch with you?
A: Here is our contact information:
Mobile(whatapp):+86 18820841133
E-mail: veralee@hualibao.com.cn

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