Teach you how to distinguish high quality electrostatic film

Վերջին տարիներին, the emergence of electrostatic membranes has brought new vitality to the protective film market. There are traces of electrostatic film everywhere. There are mobile phone film, glass film and metal film on the market. Almost all kinds of electrostatic film are bought. The appearance of electrostatic film has gradually replaced the film. Why is the rubber film slowly eliminated by the market? There is no advantage because there is no electrostatic protective film. There are certain reasons.
I used to buy a rubberized film to stick the glass door. It is very convenient when tearing off the release film, but it will appear when the paste is applied. Because the adhesive film is strong, it will appear wrinkled if not careful. Need to forcefully open, after the paste is finished, after a period of time, the film is in a state of appearance, and it is found that there is a little peeling around, a bubble is generated in the middle, and there is a phenomenon of sticking in the place where it falls off, which seriously affects the glass. The beauty of the door is simply awful. Since experiencing this incident, I have never dared to buy a film. I would rather spend more money and buy a good quality electrostatic film. So how do we distinguish high-quality electrostatic films? This is the problem we are going to solve today. Gorgeous Bao tells everyone to buy the electrostatic film mainly to pay attention to the following points:

1. Non-toxic, tasteless, safe and environmentally friendly.
2. Excellent temperature resistance, no glue, no yellowing.
3. It has good surface adsorption and is easy and firm to paste.
4. No bubbles are generated or warped after the bonding.
5. It can be reused, easy to peel off, no glue after peeling, and it does not affect the appearance.
Ներկայումս, Guangdong Huabao specializes in producing all kinds of PE electrostatic film, and the high temperature resistant electrostatic film can be made into various colors according to the needs of the market. The product is suitable for all kinds of glass cover, hardware profiles, optical glass, acrylic plates, all kinds of high-gloss materials, high-grade furniture, և այլն, but its use requirements must be relatively smooth surface, as long as the surface is very bright, you can consider using PE static membrane.

Customers need to choose their own products according to their own use, or contact our sales staff, gorgeous treasure company will provide you with professional advice.

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