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Anti-static silicone PET protective film Sep 13, 2018

Anti-static silicone PET protective film

The antistatic gel PET protective film is made of transparent PET film and coated with imported organic silica gel. It has the functions of automatic adsorption and elimination of bubbles on the surface of smooth and smooth products. The surface of the substrate has anti-static properties to dissipate static electricity and avoid damage to the product caused by static electricity.

Antistatic silicone PET protective film application

1. Widely used in the protection of glass lenses, display screens and touch screens.

2. It is suitable for heat-conducting graphite sheet die-cutting engineering, transfer cover and protective film die-cutting engineering, transfer film and other purposes.

3, suitable for PORON foam cross-cutting and plastic shell process protective film

4, various product module process and shipment protection applications

Antistatic silicone protective film properties

1. It is produced in the ≤1000 purification workshop and has excellent appearance performance.

2. It has adsorption to smooth and smooth product table ** and has automatic exhaust function. Low peeling, high temperature resistance, no residue, no trace, small particle pollution.

3, can be repeatedly pasted, does not affect the use of the effect, in the high temperature, high humidity environment has a good retention.

4, anti-static 10 (6-9) Ω, frictional electrification voltage ≤ 100V, static dissipation ≤ 1.2s.

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