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Application of different thickness PET protective film May 04, 2018

PET protective film has different thickness, general thickness ranging from 30μm to 245μm, different thicknesses have corresponding application areas and performance.

This time, let Hua Li Bao Co., Ltd introduce the difference applications about this.

30μm PET protective film

Although thin, it has good shear resistance and excellent adhesive strength, anti-aging properties and resistance to ultraviolet light, and the performance is very good. The probability of misting is very low. It is generally used for LCDs and fixed nameplates.

50μm-60μm PET protective film

It belongs to thin and light varieties, but it also maintains a good bonding effect. It is mainly used for nameplates, attachment of earphone microphone accessories, fixation of digital camera reflective film, fixation between LCD retroreflective sheet and backlight film set, and center frame of mobile phone keys.


80μm PET protective film

Good adhesion at room temperature, suitable for smooth surface paste on polar surfaces, fixing of LCD frames, digital camera buttons and hard materials, LCD front case and panel fixing.

100μm PET protective film

It has good adhesive strength to smooth surfaces and is mainly used for fixing mobile phone LCD backlight modules and bottom frames.

125μm PET protective film

Good overall performance, good adhesion properties to most materials, and excellent shear resistance and temperature resistance. It is mainly used for the fixation of the mobile phone window and the lens, and the fixing of the LCD module in the digital camera for the fixation between the LCD backlight module and the bottom frame.

150μm PET protective film

Excellent adhesion at high and low temperatures, suitable for EPDM seals, good resistance to CaCO3 (CaCO3).

160μm PET protective film

Not only has excellent shear strength, temperature resistance and paste ability, but also in a harsh external environment can also ensure a reliable paste effect. Mainly used for mobile phone window, lens, battery fixed, digital camera rubber memory card, battery board fixed.

200μm PET protective film

High temperature resistance, mainly used for mobile phone window, lens, battery fixed, digital camera rubber sheet, memory card, battery board fixed.

240μm PET protective film

Thicker materials, high hardness, generally used in large-scale industrial production, suitable for furniture in the mold and decorative parts of the fixed and electronic load-bearing parts of the fixed, as well as bonding made of cards.

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