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Application of protective film Oct 18, 2017

Application of protective film
The protective film is mainly used for fiber, a small amount for the protective film and engineering plastics. Protective  film is mainly used for electrical insulation materials, such as  capacitors, cable insulation, printed circuit wiring substrate,  electrode slot insulation. Another area of  application for protective films is film-based and baseband, such as  motion picture film, X-ray film, audio tape, electronic computer tape  and so on. PET protective film is also used in  vacuum aluminum made of metal protective film, such as gold and silver  lines, micro-capacitor protective film. Another use of protective film is blow molding products, for the packaging of polyester stretching bottles. Applicable  to the electrical and electronic and automotive industries, for a  variety of coil skeleton, transformers, televisions, tape recorders and  so on.