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Blue PE protective film: widely used in different industries and fields Jul 07, 2018

Blue PE protective film: widely used in different industries and fields

The blue PE protective film focuses on the blue polyester film as the main substrate, so the color discrimination of the product is relatively easy, and it is more common in life. It is a transparent protective film product, and the normal thickness is Between 50um and 125um, it can be divided into three types of high, medium and low viscosity.

   The blue PE protective film is often used in various electrical and electronic products, and the main function is temporary fixing, and has anti-wear, anti-scratch and dustproof effects, and also has high temperature resistance. It is resistant to scratching and residue, and it is excellent in weather resistance.

    Because the blue PE protective film is widely used, it is also common in the plastic packaging industry. Among them, silica gel is a kind of adhesive because it is similar in performance to the plastic film and the protective film. The range of use will also increase due to changes in the protective film.

    However, the blue PE protective film is coated on one side, using acrylic pressure-sensitive adhesive, which can reach 9N/25MM in peeling force, and the tensile strength can reach 140N/25MM. The whole material is in The elongation can be guaranteed to be above 80%, and the temperature resistance can be guaranteed above 150 °C.

   Because the blue PE protective film is relatively good in physical and chemical properties, it can be used in such a wide range of applications, but the silicone is modified to have both weather resistance, gloss retention and color retention properties. It is improved, and it is very unlikely to be powdered, and it is also better in gloss.

  Therefore, the blue PE protective film is often used on metal sheet packaging, or on various types of mechanical equipment, and the effect is also relatively obvious, and the blue PE protective film will also be in the electronics industry because of the need in production. The problem of splicing and fixing is effectively solved, and it has obvious auxiliary effects in different industries and fields.