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Electrostatic protective film is widely used Sep 17, 2018

Electrostatic protective film is widely used

Electrostatic membranes are mainly PE electrostatic membranes on the market. Electrostatic membranes are generally made of three layers of co-extrusion or multi-layer co-extrusion. The PE is used as the substrate, one of which is EVA. Self-adhesive material, which is a low-molecular polymer. When a large amount of low-molecular-weight polymer is collected on the surface of the protective film, these low-molecular-weight polymers are embedded in a small pit on the surface of the product to be attached. . As a result, it is possible to apply glue without sticking to the product, which is called electrostatic adsorption bonding. In the market, the electrostatic film can also be called self-adhesive film. This kind of electrostatic protective film does not need to be coated with glue, which is safe and environmentally friendly, easy to stick and easy to stick, and electrostatic adsorption. The protective film adhered by electrostatic adsorption is the direction of development of the protective film in the future.

  The electrostatic protective film has the following characteristics:

  1) The electrostatic film itself does not contain any kind of chemical solvent. It is produced in a high-purity clean room of Class 1000. No toxic or harmful substances are produced during the production process or in the future.

  2) The surface of the electrostatic film has good adsorption, good adhesion, and no residue of the adhesive does not affect the appearance of the product.

  3) Easy to stick and tear, good temperature resistance, no yellowing glue, convenient and light operation, safe and environmentally friendly.

  4) The surface of the electrostatic film is smooth, the transparency is good, the dust-free point and the thickness are even.

  5) It is resistant to moisture and weather, and can withstand temperatures up to 120 degrees. It can be used in high temperature environments.

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