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GUANGDONG HUALIBAO INDUSTRIAL CO., LTD is using water - based coating compound glue Apr 25, 2018

Protective glue ingredient generally can be divided into solvent glue and water based glue, in general, solvent glue can solve most of the surface protection products, such as high-grade and highlights surface protection.


Our hualibao company manufactured water-based protective film is excellent water-based protection solutions for many kind of surfaces.

Here is the Properties of water-based protective film from hualibao company:

1. It is mainly used for the composite of plastic steel and aluminum alloy profile, which is suitable for PE and paper lamination.

2. Excellent coating performance, can replace the existing solvent - based compound glue.

3. Excellent compound strength and sealing strength.


Method of use


1. Mix the glue in the packing bucket before using, and then add to the gluing tank.


2. The composite machine should have enough air volume, wind speed and temperature to ensure the full drying of the coating film. The drying temperature of the film can be increased as much as possible under the condition of temperature. The temperature gradient of the membrane inlet to the outlet is controlled between 60-70, 70-80 and 80-90. Improve the air flow rate to ensure the moisture evaporation.


3. The composite roller temperature is generally controlled between 70 and 90 degrees, depending on the properties and quality of the composite substrate. Under the condition that the composite substrate is allowed, the temperature of the composite roller can be improved as far as possible to achieve the optimum initial strength. (the high and low temperature of the composite roller affects the initial strength of the composite film.) The compound pressure increases as far as possible without damaging the film to ensure optimum compound effect.


4. The curing room temperature is generally 40-50, and it needs to be aged 12h-36h. After the composite film is cured, the next step can be carried out.


Matters needing attention


1, the storage environment temperature shall not be less than 4 ° C.


2. Do not mix with other types of adhesive.


3. Wash the rubber roller with water when the machine is down.


4. The film must be corona qualified.