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How strict is the slitting of the protective film? May 28, 2018

How strict is the slitting of the protective film??

The cutting process must not be taken lightly. This article summarizes the purpose of slitting, process flow, etc. to ensure the stable quality of slitting of the composite film.

First, the purpose of protective film slitting

1, according to user requirements, provide accurate specifications.

2. When slitting and unwinding, it is possible to re-examine the composite large-volume compound film when the entire process is extruded to see if there are quality problems.

3, can correct the split layer of the protective film or cut off part of the printing and compounding defects, improve product grade rate.

4, can make the finished product get a good winding state.

Second, the protective film cutting process

Prepare to boot, first of all, to detect the appearance of the large film roll on the previous process, printing, and compounding, and test the hardness and appearance flatness of the large film roll to see if it can meet the requirements for slitting. Then, we must fully understand the performance of the cutting equipment that is to operate immediately, and check the major operating parts of the equipment and the electrical control part. At this time, a large roll of film is produced, the blade is adjusted according to the specifications required by the user, and the production is started according to the normal production process.

The normal operation of the slitter is fundamental to ensure the quality of production. Because each sub-cutting machine is running at a high speed for a long time, the running accuracy of some important key components will be reduced. This will make it difficult to cut the operation of some small-size film rolls. Because the composite film is a polymer product, its thickness is relatively thin, and it is easily damaged during processing. Therefore, when the running accuracy at the time of slitting is not enough, the quality problem such as the vertical stripe tends to occur on the film. For this reason, after many years of observation and research, it has been confirmed that the longitudinal stripes produced in slitting are the main quality problems in slitting and must be resolved.

When entering normal production, the speed of the slitter should strictly follow the process requirements. Too high will also affect the cutting quality. Therefore, by controlling the slitting speed, the quality required for slitting can be obtained. Because, in the production of some operators in order to increase production, improve their economic efficiency, artificially increase the speed of slitting, this will make the film under high-speed operation, prone to vertical stripes and staggered quality problems. Therefore, in normal production, we must use appropriate slitting process according to the performance of the equipment and the intrinsic properties of the film and the different model specifications of the film. Because various thin-film process parameters, identification methods, and numerical values are different, the process must be carefully adjusted for each product. In the production, the frequency of the different positions of the cutting machine is different, and thus the degree of wear is also different. Therefore, there will be some differences in performance. 

For example, slitting the product at a station with better conditions has less longitudinal stripes. On the contrary, there are more vertical stripes. Therefore, each operator must pay attention to the correct selection of the station, give full play to the best state of the equipment, grasp the use of the site, continue to sum up experience, and find out how to use the best features of the equipment. In addition, there is a point to note that in the process of slitting, each roll of film is reopened and rewinded. This creates conditions for the entry of foreign matter into the outside world. Since the film product itself is mainly used for the packaging of food and medicine, Therefore, the sanitary requirements are very strict, so it is necessary to ensure the cleaning of each roll of film.

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