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How to achieve electrostatic adsorption of PE protective film Aug 11, 2018

Protective films, which can be said to be very common, can be used in different industries because of their wide range of uses. However, if you explain many of them at the same time, then it may cause confusion. Therefore, in order to avoid this problem, in the following, the PE protective film in the protective film is mainly used for learning and understanding thereof, thereby obtaining a good learning effect.

1. PE protective film, is it prone to tearing and other problems?

The PE protective film, which is essentially a protective film, is within the scope of the protective film. Therefore, it is also possible that the problem of tearing may occur. For specific reasons, it may be that the tension is not controlled when the production is rolled up and the use is opened. Therefore, as long as the tension is controlled and the force is evenly applied, the above problems can be avoided.

2. PE protective film, how is it to achieve electrostatic adsorption?

This can be said from the following aspects, specifically:

Aspect 1: The PE protective film is generally corona treated during the manufacturing process, thereby increasing the surface area of the film and bringing the static electricity, thereby sequentially performing the subsequent coating work, so that the film and the glue are well combined.

Aspect 2: PE electrostatic film, on the inner layer of the film, is an EVA material, which has a certain adsorption function, thereby achieving the entire adsorption function of the film.


3. PE film, light film and matte film, is there a relationship between the three? And, is there a difference between PE cling film and PE protective film?

There is no necessary connection between the PE film, the light film and the matte film, because the light film refers to a film with a smooth surface, while the matte film does not reflect light. Therefore, there is no correlation between them. As for the PE cling film and the PE protective film, the two are different and cannot be completely equivalent. So the answer to question 2 is yes.

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