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How to handle the dust on the surface of the membrane? May 15, 2018

How to deal with the dust on the surface protective film?

Many people will encounter many problems when they use the PE protective film. For example, there are dust on the surface of the protective film, or some particles stick to it. Many people do not know how to solve them when they face these problems.

Some protective film need to be separated from the outside when they are used. This point is easy to do with a rubber cloth; unless there is a special material on the outer surface of the protective film, it only needs a simple maintenance.

When it is found that there is dust on the surface of the protective film, do not wash it with water, otherwise it will affect its adhesion. In general, oil stains are the greatest protection of the film, once the oil stains will not only make the protective film lost its raw materials, and can not play a protective effect on the goods, so it must be sure to stop the pollution of oil stains.

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