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How to improve the transparency of the PE anti static protection film? May 12, 2018

Knowledge about PE anti static protection film

In today's society, the economic level is getting higher and higher, people's living standard is getting better and better. We often use the PE protection film. It is widely used and brings great convenience to our life. When we use PE protection film, we should pay attention to the correct use of it. PE protection film is a kind of non-toxic, tasteless and environmentally friendly PE film, which is widely used in the appearance maintenance of the product. The transparent PE protective film is used to maintain the appearance of the product and to see the appearance of the product. PE protection film has a variety of different colors, transparent, blue, red, green, and so on. The color PE protection film is used for stainless steel plate maintenance film, aluminum alloy and other hardware profiles. The PE protection film is often used in acrylic, marble, plastic shell and other products. In order to ensure that we can see clearly the appearance of the product, the transparency of the electrostatic film will directly affect the visual effect of people watching the product.

So what can we do to improve the transparency of PE anti static protection film?

1. select high quality raw materials when consuming PE anti static protection film

2. adding high quality processing aids to make PE average dissolved.

3. before consumption and processing, remove impurities from raw materials, dry and moisture.

4. adhere to the clean and dustless workshop of the workshop and the material room

5. to enhance the transparency of PE anti static protection film(eletrostatic film), we must control the temperature, not too high or too low.

6. regularly clean the machine, including hopper, cylinder, die and roller.

7. control the temperature of the air outlet, average air volume, and speed up cooling.

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