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How to paste the car decal? Jun 07, 2018

How to paste car decal(car sticker)? Use Transfer Paper!

Prepare tools in advance: dilute a small amount of detergent, tape(transfer paper), towel or rag, plastic ruler or rubber scraper, hot hair dryer;

Use a towel or rag to clean the surface of the body to be attached (such as the body, boot cover, window, rear, roof, skirt, etc.).

If there is moisture, wipe it dry, place the sticker where you want to put it, and fix it with tape.

Slowly tear the separation paper on the sticker.

You can spray some small amount of dilute detergent water at this time. (If you mistakenly paste, you can use this to slightly move the sticker and also help to squeeze out the air).

Use a plastic ruler or a rubber squeegee to slowly attach the sticker and squeeze out the air.

Carefully tear off the transfer paper and blow dry with a hot air blower.

Completed ^ _ ^ (the quality of the paste directly affects the life of the sticker, if you do not stick well to the modification shop to find professional stickers, do not wash the car within three days after posting).

Car stickers are people's use of personalized text, graphics, make full use of their body in a special kind of paper.

Car stickers applicable scope:

Cars, motorcycles and other vehicles

Hua Li Bao Co., Ltd.has over 18 years of professional experience and over a 10 production lines, providing transfer paper for car decal.

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