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How to prevent degumming of aluminum-plastic board protective film Aug 03, 2018

How to prevent degumming of aluminum-plastic board protective film

Degumming is common for many membranes or rubbers, and degumming of aluminum-plastic composite film is also a common occurrence. This kind of phenomenon indicates that there is a problem in the quality of the product, and the degumming phenomenon will occur. The degumming of the protective film appears on the aluminum-plastic panel. How should we effectively prevent it?


      Under normal circumstances, when we bond the aluminum-plastic composite film, when it is removed from the surface of the profile, but the protective film is glued, instead of directly following the protective film, directly Residue on the surface of the profile, which is the last thing we want to see during the pasting process.


      Basically, the protective film is unqualified on the pressure adhesive, but it still has a certain viscosity. Otherwise, the surface of the protective film and the attached profile may be difficult to peel off, so the protective film for the aluminum-plastic plate is Say, we should choose a stronger internal stress.


      The protective film directly on the profile, and the protective film of the aluminum-plastic plate is relatively difficult to peel off. There are two cases that are common. One is that the sensitive adhesive used for the protective film of the aluminum-plastic plate is not special, but the paste is The effect is still relatively good, but it is relatively difficult to strip it.


      Another type is that the aluminum-plastic plate protective film is soft in the application of the master tape, so there is no way to withstand the peeling force well, resulting in a cracking phenomenon during the peeling process, and this is for the user. It is very difficult to say that it should not be able to clean up the residual glue well, and it can not guarantee the effect of use.


      Therefore, what we need to pay most attention to is the various situations that may occur in the whole process of production of aluminum-plastic composite film. Because of the special attention to control and adjustment during production, otherwise the above mentioned The bad phenomenon brings more trouble to normal use.

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