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How to quickly remove the film on a large piece of glass Jun 11, 2018

How to quickly remove the window film on a large piece of glass

Use a hot air blow to heat the glass on the other side of the glass, and then remove the window filmdirectly. For the residual offset, use the following method to remove the PE film:

1. Use soap to add a little mixture of ammonia and turpentine to remove stubborn dirt on many glass.

2, with sticky transparent glue repeatedly stick to tear, you can remove some of the surface.

3. Use a little dilute sodium water to wipe it off, or use paint thinner.

4, can be dried with a hair dryer, and then gently scratch the window film.

5, use a cotton swab to wash with water.

6, wind oil wipe.

7. Use a special detergent or sports shoe decontamination paste to wipe.

8. Use the 4b eraser to erase the window film.

9, if the PE film is a long-standing trace has become hard, you can use a hot towel to soften the window film and then rub.