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How to remove stainless steel surface protective film Jun 14, 2018

How to remove stainless steel surface protective film

Stainless steel, I believe we are not unfamiliar, both rusty surface and smooth and beautiful, very popular with consumers. However, due to the small hardness of stainless steel, it is easily scratched and scratched. Therefore, it is often covered with a protective film on the surface before leaving the factory. This layer of protective film is often too strong and is not completely torn, leaving many friends unclean. Are overwhelmed.

Hua Li Bao Co., Ltd is a manufacturing company that often deals with stainless steel. Below, let me share with you some tips for quickly processing stainless steel protective film.

1, direct tear note

1.1 Because the hardness of the stainless steel surface is not enough, it is easy to scratch. Therefore, before cleaning the protective film, be sure to wear gloves to prevent finger prints or stains on the hands from sticking to the top, causing secondary damage.

1.2 When tearing, it is necessary to pay attention to the tearing of the whole piece and the whole piece. When tearing, it is necessary to pay attention, and the fingers should be close to the direction of force.

2, point hair dryer

Stainless steel materials and protective films vary in physical properties and physical properties. The hair dryer heats the protective film first. After heating, the two will be differentiated and it is easy to tear off.

3, nail polish water

Usage is also the same as alcohol and acetone. The effect is also very good. Nail polish does not require quality, good or normal, as long as you can get rid of all the nail polish.

4, acetone

The method is the same as above. The use is less and thorough, and the best thing is that it can remove these residual gums very quickly and easily, which is better than sprinkling.

5, banana water

This is not the water we use to make bananas. It is an industrial agent used to remove paint. It is generally sold where it is sold. The method is also the same as alcohol and acetone. Use a hot towel to apply a scraper with a razor blade and wipe it clean with an eraser.

6, alcohol

Use a paper towel to dip in some alcohol (preferably using industrial alcohol, and do not use medical). Wipe the stainless steel protective film a few times and it will be clean.

7, Fengyoujing

There is a lot of wind, but it is a good thing. It is easy to solve the problem with it.

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