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How to tear off the protective film quickly Jun 02, 2018

How to tear off the protective film quickly?

method one

If the film on the tile cannot be torn off, we can use dilute hydrochloric acid, detergent and other acidic liquids to dissolve, but the main need for combat is that the concentration should not be too high, it is better to dilute, then go in A chemical reaction occurs on the protective mold of the tile. It is best to remove the film with a shovel. Note that the liquid cannot get onto the tile.

Method Two

If the area of the film on the tile is small, we can also use banana water to wipe it with banana water, and then use a steel ball to wipe it off.

Method three

Users can also use hot water to heat the tiles, use the principle of thermal expansion and contraction is the deformation of the tile film, and then use a shovel to remove the protective film, and then wipe with the toilet liquid can be, in the decoration construction process, the owner needs to tile The above protective film or plastic cloth is well protected. If it is a long time, it will become more difficult to clean it with a lot of dust.

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