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Hualibao - Electrostatic transparent protective film, three-layer coextrusion technology Jul 12, 2018

Hualibao - Electrostatic transparent protective film, three-layer coextrusion technology

Our company develops and produces multi-layer co-extrusion technology of electrostatic transparent protective film, does not contain any adhesive, non-stick self-adhesive, high, medium and low viscosity, and completely replaces the rubberized protective film to prevent secondary pollution of the protected product. And respond to increasingly stringent environmental requirements in Europe, the United States, Japan and other countries and regions.

  Hualibao specializes in producing various PE protective film, PE protective film, blue film, black and white film, transparent film and other protective film products. It is suitable for protecting liquid crystal display LCD, instrumentation, diffusion sheet, light guide plate, reflective sheet, plastic.

Surface protection of outer casing, plastic, metal mirror, refrigerator, air conditioner, washing machine, aluminum plate, stainless steel, plastic steel profile, aluminum alloy, color steel plate, coated plate, glass, high-grade furniture.

 The electrostatic transparent protective film is one of Hualibao's leading products. It is blown from high quality imported polyethylene raw materials. It can be widely used in stainless steel, plexiglass, PS, PC, PVC, PET, etc. Surface protection.


1. Less adhesive change after pasting, easy to peel off

2, has good weather resistance, will not contaminate the adherend

3. In deep drawing processing, the film will also adhere to the adherend when bending, preventing film and metal surface from being damaged.


1, good service, anti-solvent, use in normal temperature environment, straight edge, no glue.

2, with good adhesion performance, good solvent resistance, good weather resistance, suitable for use at temperatures around 150 °C, no residue, clear color separation.

3, good high temperature resistance, good viscosity, high tensile strength, acid and alkali resistance, no penetration, no residue. Use: Suitable for dust-free protective film operation in dust-free workshops.

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