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Influence of raw materials on PE stretch film Jun 12, 2018

Influence of raw materials on PE stretch film

In the production of PE stretched film, it is often mixed by polymer and certain additives in a certain ratio to achieve the purpose of improving some aspects of the function.

Influence of PE Stretch Film Raw Material on PE Stretch Film

1. Polyethylene can be used as a raw material of PE stretching film to improve the smoothness of PE stretched film. 2. It is necessary to participate in the stabilizer when it is used to prepare film for polyethylene due to its easy thermal differentiation.

3, PE stretch film is necessary to have a reasonable combination of formulations, formula, PE stretch film raw materials to have a suitable share. Conditioning composition and ratio can change the function of PE stretch film.

PE stretched film has good adhesion, can make the package and the goods closely linked to achieve the purpose of protecting the surface of the goods from being destroyed, but also protect the appearance and cleanliness of the cargo surface. The main packaging forms of PE stretch film are mainly sealed packaging, full-width packaging, manual packaging, stretch film wrapping machine packaging, etc. These packaging forms have different degrees of protection of the safety of the goods. PE stretch film has a light texture, which is a bit convenient for us to carry out a large amount of transportation, so it is said that its lower transportation costs can indirectly reduce our production costs.