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Introduction to glass protective film Aug 15, 2018

Introduction to glass protective film

The use of glass protective film is very widely used in China. It is a relatively new type of product with many advantages, such as glass protective film with good thermal insulation properties and anti-UV, etc. It is often used on glass, but when it is pasted, it will be found that bubbles will appear no matter how it is applied. It is always reworked, which is very slow and leads to a decrease in work efficiency.

    Glass protective film filming step

    Before the film is applied, we need to clean the glass. There should be no sand or no shaving on the surface. Otherwise, it will affect the filming effect. Then, according to the size of the glass, the film will be cut and scraped. After the glass cleaning net is completed, it needs to be sprayed on it. A layer of water, the protective film to be attached should also be sprayed with water so that the two can be separated, and then the film is scraped off the water on the glass, and the excess film at the corners is trimmed.

    Film protection film

    When the glass protective film is trimmed, it should be noted that the size of the film should be larger than that of the glass, which is convenient for future renovation. In fact, such films are generally two layers, one layer is colored and one layer is transparent. When the protective film is attached to the glass, in order to avoid the occurrence of air bubbles, it is necessary to scrape the water in four directions.

    Precautions for glass protective film

    When the glass protective film is being wiped, it is necessary to pay attention to check the tools used. Never appear unevenness or the occurrence of notches. When the film is cut, special attention must be paid to the size and quantity of the glass. The same side of the glass is measured. When cutting, it is also necessary to align the center of the film edge. When the film is pasted, a small amount of detergent can be sprayed on it to effectively remove the surface residue. The object is then wiped clean with a rag.

    In fact, glass protective film has many uses in our daily life, because these advantages and the benefits of use will be favored by many customers in the market. The thermal insulation film on the product has strong safety performance when used. At the same time, it has the adhesion property of glass fragments, so the safety performance of such products is higher than that of tempered glass, but it is reminded that we must choose regular manufacturers when purchasing protective film.

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