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Introduction to stainless steel sheet protective film Aug 14, 2018

Introduction to stainless steel sheet protective film

In the process of making stainless steel plate protective film, the special pe plastic film is used as the main processing substrate. The adhesive in the product is made of acrylic resin, and then processed by several special additives. The stainless steel sheet protective film is very soft in use and has good adhesion properties.


     The stainless steel plate protective film is very adhesive when used, and it is easy to peel off. The product does not appear in the process of peeling off. The biggest advantage of the product is that it protects the product in processing, transportation and storage. The process will not be corroded, contaminated and scratched.


     The stainless steel plate protective film can effectively protect the original smooth and shiny surface of the product surface, which can effectively improve the quality of the product and the competitiveness of the market to a certain extent. The products used in the field include stainless steel plates, steel profiles and doors and windows. , aluminum alloy, mirror panel, fluorocarbon board, fire board, etc.


     The thickness of the stainless steel plate protective film has certain requirements during the production process. Generally, it is about 0.02mm-0.15mm. The main colors of the protective film are black, black and white, transparent, blue, silver, etc. In fact, the color can also be customized according to the requirements of its customers.


     The stainless steel plate protective film has a width of about 1400 mm and a length of about 1000 meters. The manufacturer's viscosity can be directly divided into micro-viscous, low-viscosity, medium-viscosity, high-viscosity, ultra-high viscosity, and product. Viscosity and model can be formulated with long-term customer choices.


     The stainless steel plate protective film can also effectively play the role of anti-slip and anti-scratch in the process of use, and can also effectively prevent the dirt from entering. The stainless steel does not rust during use, so it is only A protective film will be needed to prevent oxidation of the product.

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