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Optimum use of milky white film Jun 29, 2018

Optimum use of milky white film

PE milky white film is mainly used in the polishing surface, matte surface and drawing surface of stainless steel and aluminum alloys of various specifications; Is the use of milky white film different from other protective films? When you read the title of today's article, you must be puzzled. In fact, it is known that a protective film product has its own specific usage methods and conditions. According to the protective film's viscosity, thickness, and use environment, the effect of their use is also Different, then, how can it be the best effect of milky white protective film, this not only pay attention to the viscosity of the protective film, but also pay attention to the local environmental factors being used.


    Unlike ordinary protective film, milky white protective film has strong corrosion resistance and shading, because they are opaque products, so in the process of using, pay special attention to the goods or other products that are used The fitting conditions of the anastomosis can be ensured only if they are in good condition.

Milky white protective film

    Therefore, in order to correctly use the white protective film, we must pay attention to the viscosity while ensuring that they are compatible with the product being protected. This is the best way to use and the best conditions for performance.

    According to the smoothness of different product surfaces, our company mainly designs different tackiness so as to meet the requirements of its surface attachment:

Low viscosity: suitable for flat, smooth, mirror stainless steel plate, plastic sheet, PMMA, PS board, PC board and other products.

Medium stick: Suitable for stainless steel coarse grain sanding board, snow board, aluminum plastic board (fine lines), steel, aluminum and polyester sheet products.

High-viscosity: suitable for the protection of difficult-to-stick special products, aluminum-plastic plate rough lines, fluorocarbon plates and non-smooth surface products.