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PE electrostatic film manufacturer - Hualibao Jul 11, 2018

PE electrostatic film manufacturer - Hualibao

PE electrostatic film is famous for its self-adhesiveness. Most of this type of protective film production process is produced by multi-layer coextrusion. PE electrostatic film is the main product of Hualibao Company. Our company adopts advanced co-extrusion technology and dust-free workshop, and the new high-quality pe original substrate is blow molded and applied to the surface of various printing and packaging products. All products support free samples nationwide. Customers and friends often do not know how to choose PE electrostatic film, here you can teach everyone to measure from the quality, price and after-sales service.

Quality: The quality of the product can be sampled first. After taking the sample, you can pay attention to whether the surface of the film is dusty or not, whether it is shiny or not. The dusty particles indicate that the production environment is not clean at the time of production, and the cleanliness of the film is not high. The dull color indicates that the new pe raw material is not used.

Price: Price is also an important factor for consumers to pay attention to, because the price of the protective film is related to the performance parameters of the product, so we need to be consistent when comparing prices. However, manufacturers often have lower prices than middlemen.

After-sales service: After-sales service includes guarantee services when product quality problems.

Summary: Hualibao specializes in the protective film industry for 18 years. All products are made of new raw materials. The quality of the production guarantee products in the dust-free workshop can be free of samples. For price, you can contact us for consultation and a large quantity.

Hualibao PE electrostatic film product specifications

Thickness: 0.03-0.15mm

Length: less than 2000 meters

Width: within 1550mm

Color: can be customized according to customer requirements.

        Hualibao PE electrostatic film electrostatic film features

1, good light transmission, up to 95% light transmittance. Can't afford ghosts, no fog.

2, good weather resistance, not easy to occur degumming.

3, using electrostatic adsorption paste, no glue self-adhesive, easy to paste easy to tear, no pollution, no degumming.

4, environmentally friendly, non-toxic, can be used with confidence.

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