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PE electrostatic protective film use - Hualibao's main products Jul 09, 2018

PE electrostatic protective film use - Hualibao's main products

Electrostatic protective film is favored by customers because of its unique advantages. The types of electrostatic film are classified into high temperature, high viscosity and high permeability. Compared with high viscosity and high permeability, the technical difficulty of high temperature electrostatic film is most prominent. From the high temperature performance and viscosity of a high temperature electrostatic film, we can see how the technical strength of this manufacturer is. Of course, the production method of the electrostatic film is also the same, and the rubberized type is almost eliminated by the market. Currently, it is a seven-layer co-extruded film. Dongguan Guanrong Adhesive is a PE electrostatic protective film produced by seven layers of co-extrusion.

 The high temperature resistant electrostatic film not only maintains the high temperature resistance of the film, but also has the viscosity of the product, which causes conflicts in the materials. We know that co-extruded membranes are produced by co-extrusion of a certain proportion of the material. However, the material with high temperature resistance has been added more, and the proportion of the viscous material is necessitated, which has caused the opposition of his two characteristics. That is: the higher the temperature resistance, the lower the viscosity. The entire industry is constantly exploring and innovating to produce high-temperature and high-viscosity products to take the lead in the market. At present, some manufacturers have produced several high-temperature and high-mucosities through continuous technological innovation. The temperature resistance ranges from 100-500 g at 120 °C, one of which is 150 ° C and has a viscosity of 110 g.

The PE electrostatic protection film produced by Hualibao has high finish, good adhesion to smooth plastic surface, good high temperature stability, high temperature resistance of 180 degrees and 15 minutes of baking. It can be molded with high temperature to protect the surface and can be easily removed. Suitable for PMMA acrylic bathtub plates, PC plastic panels (sheets), etc. Our factory specializes in producing PE protective film, PVC protective film, PET protective film, Korean textured film, electrostatic film, adhesive tape products, etc. All of them introduce high-precision mechanical equipment, perfect quality control system, continuously improve quality, and strive to reach customers. Hundreds of satisfaction. Products are widely used in plastic products, metal processing, decorative panels, electronic appliances and other industries, such as: plastic lenses, glass lenses, plastic injection molded parts, nameplate production, liquid crystal display, copper, aluminum, stainless steel, cold rolled sheet Surface protection of advanced materials such as circuit boards, speaker boards, PC boards, and titanium plates to protect your products from surface damage during transportation or production and use.

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