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PE protective film -- An essential part of industrial product. Jan 10, 2018

After each product is made, it is necessary to carry out some external packaging to avoid some exoteric damages, resulting in some wear and tear, causing unnecessary loss. So protections for product are often seen in life and work. The protective film is one of them, it is very important to protect and maintain the quality of products. Different products require different protective film for protection, which is based on the material of the product. 

In our daily life the most common protective film is in food preservation and related electronic products. We now introduce everyone to focus on PE protective film, it is indispensable parts in the industrial products.PE protective film are widespread, such as hardware industry like computer chassis, solar panels, glass, etc., and photovoltaic industry like the back plate, cold light tablets, phone's screen,the instrument in the plastic industry, acrylic board, etc., also printing industry, wire and cable industry, electronic industry and mobile digital industry and so on.

The material of PE protective film is polyethylene, but according to different density, it can also be subdivided into high density polyethylene protective film, medium and low density polyethylene film, it is a kind of the most common arrangement structure of organic polymer compound, at the same time also is now the most widely used polymer materials. PE protective film has its own advantages, for example to protect products in the manufacturing and processing of time and during transportation to avoid contamination, abrasion, which can keep product`s surface clean and smooth.