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Thailand strictly controls imports of waste plastics Jun 13, 2018

Thailand strictly controls imports of waste plastics

Recently, Thai Customs, Ministry of Industry, Ministry of Environmental Protection, Ministry of Commerce, and taxation departments recently negotiated and hoped that the current situation of disorderly growth in the import of waste plastics would proceed without affecting the economic interests of Chinese legal investors and operators. Comprehensive and standardized management.

Although Thailand does not prohibit the import of waste plastics, but with the disorderly increase in the quantity of imported plastic imports, Thailand's environmental pollution is very large, so the Thai government is now strictly control imports of waste plastics approval documents to control the amount of waste plastic imports.

     This move may have many restrictions on the recycled plastics raw materials industry, and it also represents that some countries in Southeast Asia have realized the impact of waste plastics on the environment. Then many recycled plastic raw materials that have been transferred to Southeast Asian countries due to severe environmental protection in China Enterprises need to pay attention to it. Only by raising the level of science and technology, reducing the impact on the environment will be the future development path.

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