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The need for pet protective film in the screen protection film industry will increase May 03, 2018

PET protective film has always been the mainstream product of screen protection film, from the lowest transparent substrate to a variety of functional pet protective film: such as high-transparent anti-fingerprint protective film material, matte anti-fingerprint protective film material, mirror protective film material, etc.


       Why can it withstand the test, and has always been the first choice for screen protector film?


        First, it is more environmentally friendly than other similar protective film material, light transmittance is also higher, for the screen effect of up to 99%. So it is also very popular with users.


        Second, the use of silica gel electrostatic adsorption, so that the paste operation is relatively simple, easy to tear adhesion. With a certain hardness, it can protect the surface of the screen or other high-end products to the maximum extent


        Third, this material is more suitable for work, such as on the substrate can be processed into a variety of functional protective film material, such as high anti-fingerprint protection film, matte anti-fingerprint protective film, mirror protection film, anti-peep protection membrane and more features. The specific functions will not be introduced for the time being.

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