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The protective film on the surface of the household appliance should be removed or not? Apr 27, 2018

Whenever we buy new home appliances, we will find that their surface is covered with a protective film.

Some plastic films of this layer are colored, some transparent

Is it necessary to tear off the plastic film?


The film attached to the surface of the electrical appliance is usually used to protect it, prevent friction and scratch during transportation, and also prevent the electrical surface from being contaminated.

Because of the protective effect, many households will retain this plastic film when using home appliances.


What will happen if this layer of protective film is not torn? Let’s take some common electrical appliances for example!


First, the LCD TV protective film. the film is definitely to be torn off. If not, it will affect the perception.


Second, the microwave oven protective film. If the protective film on the microwave oven is not torn, it will be used for a long time and the film will be aged. If it is a colored film, it will fade, and the film will cause air bubbles on the surface due to the temperature of the microwave oven. This not only affects the appearance of the microwave oven but also affects the heat dissipation.


Third, the refrigerator protective film. Many people dont remove it as they think it can protect the refrigerator. However, some protective film behind the refrigerator is directly attached to the cooling network, which will affect the cooling, waste of electricity and also shorten the life of the refrigerator.


 What about other protective films? Also need to tear it off, because the plastic film has a short shelf life and is prone to aging. Once it ages, it is difficult to tear off. And after a long time of use will produce bubbles, so that the surface of the refrigerator uneven, it affects the appearance.


 Therefore, Hua Li Bao Co., Ltd. Suggest that the protective film of home appliances is better be torn off, and other objects are also the same. Protective film is only for factory temporary protection. It can be removed when used by consumers, and the sooner it rips, the easier it is to tear it down.

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