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Three-layer PET protective film features Jul 17, 2018

Three-layer PET protective film features

The three-layer PET protective film is used to protect the panel of the flat panel display (LCD, OLED, EL, PDP), CRT, touch screen, mobile phone, digital camera and PDA panel, avoiding scratches during use and achieving the effect of protecting the screen panel.

Ultra-high transmittance optical effect, and no residue after removal.

Does not reflect light, increasing the color of the display.

The composite silicone layer can effectively absorb some direct collisions and protect the display from damage.

Silicone does not deteriorate due to long time, and it will not leave a corrosive adhesive on the screen surface like other pastes. It is safe and reliable.

After coating the silica gel with an optical grade transparent polyester film (PET), it is then laminated with a transparent polyester (PET) release film.

Surface hardening (HC) treatment up to 4H, scratch and abrasion resistant.

The silica composite layer is an adhesive to prevent the formation of bubbles.

Silicone properties are re-stickable, leaving no traces, no corrosion on the surface

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