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Three layers of electrostatic protective film Oct 18, 2017

In general,  the ordinary three-layer protective film, the quality is stronger than  the ordinary film, but only after the improvement of ordinary film  products, simply do not meet the requirements of a good film, can only  make do with the paste, when it is easy to play from the bubble And obscure! The  real three-layer electrostatic protective film, the film surface  through a special process, anti-wear, anti-scratch, scratch. The main distinction is:
1, three PE protective film and ordinary film is not PET material
2,  three layers of electrostatic protective film, the use of PE sandwich  structure, which is used in the middle layer of PE electrostatic  protective film, the other two layers to protect the role; now this film  is generally scratch.
3, ordinary film is no scratch, and should be with a glue.