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Use of milky white PE protective film Jul 18, 2018

Use of milky white PE protective film

Applications are used for surface protection of various metal sheets, such as stainless steel and aluminum alloy polished surfaces, matte surfaces, brushed surfaces, aluminum oxide oxidized and oxidized colored surfaces, and various flat coated surfaces such as color. Steel plate, colored aluminum-plastic plate, electroplated color plate, etc., are surface protective films.

For the smoothness of the surface of different products, we mainly design different viscosities to meet the needs of surface attachment:

Low viscosity: suitable for flat, glossy, mirror stainless steel sheet, plastic sheet, PMMA, PS board, PC board and other products.

Medium viscosity: It is suitable for stainless steel coarse-grained sand board, snow board, aluminum-plastic board (fine line), plastic steel, aluminum profile and polyester board.

Highly viscous: Suitable for the protection of difficult-to-stick special products, aluminum-plastic board rough grain, Buddha carbon board and products with matte surface.

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