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What are the advantages of pvc protective film? Aug 08, 2018

What are the advantages of pvc protective film?

Pvc protective film is relatively soft in texture, and the paste is relatively simple, but because it is thicker in thickness, its transmittance is not very good, if it is directly pasted on the screen, it will definitely give I can't see the sensation of sorrow, and after the peeling off, there will be traces of glue on the surface.


      So what are the advantages and characteristics of pvc protective film?


      First, the unitization of pvc protective film:


       This one is one of the biggest advantages for pvc protective film, because it has strong retracting and winding force, which can fix the compactness between products, so that even loose parts can be integrated. In a relatively unfavorable environment, there is absolutely no separation or looseness of the product.


      Second, the primary protection of pvc protective film:


          The primary protective performance of pvc protective film mainly refers to the primary protection of the surface of the product, which can form a protective appearance around the product, and meet the effects of moisture, burglar, dustproof, waterproof and oil drain, especially It can ensure that the packaged articles are more evenly stressed and avoid damage to the packaged items.


      Third, the performance of pvc protective film in compression and fixation:


       The use of pvc protective film can ensure that the product can be moved or misplaced after being transported, and the tensile force can be effectively adjusted to ensure that the products are more closely adhered to each other. Soft products are more tight, especially in textile and other industries.


      Fourth, pvc protective film is effective to save costs:


      After packaging with pvc protective film, the cost can be reduced to the greatest extent, and the labor can be reduced in labor intensity, and the overall packaging effect and packaging efficiency can be appropriately improved to make the whole package. The effect looks more graded.


      However, since the pvc protective film will have serious yellowing and oiling on the surface after passing through high temperature, this situation will seriously affect its overall use effect and reduce its service life. After the improvement of this type of protective film, both its performance and the effect of use have been improved.

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