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What are the requirements for the glass cover film? Sep 12, 2018

What are the requirements for the glass cover film?

The cover glass is mainly applied to the outer layer of the touch screen. The main raw material of the product is ultra-thin flat glass. After cutting, CNC engraving, thinning, strengthening, coating, printing and other processes, it has anti-shock, scratch resistance and resistance. Oil stain, anti-fingerprint, enhanced light transmittance and other functions. After the cover glass is attached to the outer surface of the touch screen, on the one hand, it can protect the touch screen, on the other hand, it can print different colors, patterns, markers, and play the role of decoration and beautification products.

Since entering the touch era marked by Apple, the capacitive touch screen solution has become the mainstream of human-computer interaction of mobile terminals such as mobile phones, tablets and touch notebooks due to its stable performance and good touch. Regardless of the touch technology, the cover plate is an indispensable protective component, and the glass cover plate has gradually become the mainstream of the cover plate industry due to its high light transmittance and strong scratch resistance.

The cover industry can be widely used in a variety of electronic consumer products with touch function and display function, including capacitive touch screen mobile phones, tablet computers, digital cameras, GPS, various types of query terminals, ATM machines, jukeboxes, large screens. Touch-type whiteboards, etc.

For the overall beautification and personalization of mobile phones, tablets and other products, it is necessary to print various colors and personalized LOGO on the inner layer of the cover glass through silk screen processing; the thinness of the mobile phone is on the cover glass and the thickness of the printing. In order to achieve a good visual effect, the cover glass also needs to be coated with various functional films to achieve anti-fingerprint perspiration and enhance the display effect of light transmission.

   Since the cover glass needs to realize many of the above functions, the process is relatively complicated in the production process. Under such complicated processes, the demand for the protective film in the production process of the cover manufacturer will continue to increase, so Our protective film market will expand with the complexity of the glass cover process.

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