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What is the application range of high temperature resistant protective film? Jul 25, 2018

What is the application range of high temperature resistant protective film?

With the increasing demand for protective film market, the different functional requirements of protective film are also constantly expanding, especially the high temperature resistant protective film is favored by many users. With the popularization and application of high temperature resistant protective film, more and more people are interested in its application range. In the end, what kind of high temperature protective film can be used? What are the specific applications of the high temperature protective film?

1. Electro-aluminum hot stamping (hot stamping). Electro-aluminum hot stamping is a special printing process that does not use ink. With a certain pressure and temperature, it is applied to the stencil mounted on the hot stamping machine, so that the printed matter and hot stamping foil are pressed against each other in a short time, and the electrodeless uv power supply will be used. The metal foil or pigment is transferred to the surface of the product by hot stamping, which is commonly called bronzing. Here, the plastic film (hot stamping film) serves only as a carrier.

2. Printing composite film. In order to enhance the packaging effect and barrier performance, to achieve complementary performance and to meet the sealing needs, paint spray guns are often used to print composite films as packaging materials. The composite method includes dry compounding, wet compounding, extrusion compounding, coextrusion compounding, and the like.

3. Vacuum aluminum plating film. The vacuum aluminized film is made by depositing a very thin layer of metallic aluminum on the surface of the high temperature resistant PET protective film by a special process, so that the surface of the film has a metallic luster and greatly improves the barrier property. Therefore, vacuum aluminized film has been widely used in the packaging of food, medicine, and industrial products.

4, card film. The card film is made of a high temperature resistant PET protective film and is coated with a heat sealable hot melt adhesive (such as EVA) for various documents including ID cards, file files, photos, etc. Surface protection.

5, laser holographic anti-counterfeiting film. The laser holographic anti-counterfeiting film is made of a laser-displayable pattern on the high-temperature PET protective film surface embossing and is mainly used for anti-counterfeiting. For example, holographic anti-counterfeiting labels can be found on internationally renowned bank credit cards, various types of licenses issued by government departments, ID cards, driver's licenses, passports, customs documents, internationally renowned brand clothing, and electrical appliances.

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