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What is the difference between water glue and oil glue for PE protective film? Sep 11, 2018

What is the difference between water glue and oil glue for PE protective film?

1. Water-based coating glue is made by emulsification of acrylic or polyurethane resin through special emulsification equipment using water as a solvent.

Its biggest advantages are: variety, environmental protection, low price, many coatings are now made of water-soluble glue, such as: general water-soluble PA, water-soluble PU and film glue, oily waxy, scratching paste And other functional pulp. Water solubility is the direction of coating in the future due to its functionality, environmental friendliness and low price. The disadvantages are poor film formation, poor washing fastness, and PU can not be attached to hot air glue.

2. Oily coating glue:

The oil-based coating gel is prepared by dissolving acrylic acid or polyurethane in an oil solvent (toluene, DMF, methyl ethyl ketone, etc.) as a solvent.

The advantage is that the film forming property is good, the fastness is good, and the PU can be attached with hot air glue, which is a coating glue which is generally used at present. The disadvantage is that due to the use of oily solvents, there is a lack of environmental protection, especially the current price increase of oil, which has led to soaring oil solvent prices. Most of the coating glues use too much oily solvents because of the high cost. Environmental protection is not up to standard, and with the further improvement of environmental standards in various countries, the environmental protection requirements for coated rubber are getting higher and higher.

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