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What protective film for glass? May 29, 2018

What protective film for glass? (glass protective film)

A glass protective film often used in the construction industry is also called a blue pet protective film, also called a glass blue pet functional film, and a blue pet protective film is a kind of glass used for certain functional purposes. Dedicated blue pet protective film film, blue pet protective film is widely used in people's daily life.

There are many places where blue PET protective film is applied. It should be possible to change the color of the glass, so it is particularly applicable in the construction and decoration industry. For entertainment venues, blue PET protective film is very likely to be used in hotels and restaurants.

Today's entertainment venues are all colorful, and most of the entertainment venues are dominated by young people. The senses of these guests are more clearly pursuing a feeling. Blue pet protective film with different places, different styles of decoration, use different blue pet protective film to form a different atmosphere, blue pet protective film replacement fast, clear color, so blue pet protective film more and more entertaining The love of the place.

Although entertainment venues have a preference for blue pet protective film, many people also deliberately use this glass protective film for house decoration to improve the atmosphere at home and create a romantic and comfortable atmosphere.This style of decoration is loved by many young people.

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