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What should be done if the protective film aging and difficult to tear May 01, 2018

The protective film on the security door, plastic window or other places must be torn off immediately after installation. After a period of time, the protective film will be aged and then difficult to be torn. Then you can try it with the following method.


1. Use a hair dryer against the aging protective film, blowing hot air while tearing, do not wait for the cold and then tear.

2. Buy a bottle of plasticizer, sprayed on the protective film of aging, and then torn off like tearing, tearing clean with water once clean.


3. Wipe off the old protective film with gasoline and wipe it with detergent.

4. Use a brush to brush the oil on the protective film on the aging membrane. The oil has penetrated into the protective film, and it will be torn off. Then the oil will be wiped clean with detergent.

5. Use a cloth to rub the alcohol with a little rub, wipe it with clean water.

6. Go to the store and buy a multi-purpose adhesive remover. Spray it on. After a while, it will be torn off. Rinse it with clean water.

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