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Where to find high quality PE electrostatic film? Jul 13, 2018

Where to find high quality PE electrostatic film?

Pe electrostatic protection film is also known as the self-adhesive film, no glue, through the electrostatic adsorption force, the company's factory PE electrostatic protection film must meet the following standards:

1. The less black and white dots, the better. The black dots refer to the absence of dust and impurities on the film surface during the production of the electrostatic film. The white point is static electricity, which causes static electricity to appear due to uneven material usage, insufficient production technology or insufficient advanced production equipment. Can't make ghosts. If the glass is attached to the electrostatic film, it will cause the whole glass to be useless. This is a very large loss to the customer's product.

  2, the less scratches on the film surface, the better, the scratch surface of the film surface may be due to improper operation of the production staff, or the aging of the production equipment in the production and processing line, etc., Yihong standard: the length does not exceed 3 mm, the width is not No more than 3 than 0.1 mm/m2. 3, hair debris, we know that in the production of pe electrostatic protection film, some manufacturers are equipped with a dust-free workshop, and some manufacturers are not equipped. The quality of the manufacturers equipped with the dust-free workshop is much better. The standard for the inspection of the hairline of the Rongrong electrostatic film: the length of the hair is not more than 5 mm, the width is not more than 0.1 mm, and the foreign body of the hair is not more than 0.2 mm. One. Guanrong electrostatic film is equipped with a dust-free workshop that can be viewed in our photo album. When employees enter the dust-free workshop for production, they must be dust-removed.

Hualibao Protective Film:

1. High production efficiency and high degree of automation, which can realize continuous automatic production, and can realize linkage and balanced production with the front-end cartoning machine and the back-end cartoning machine;

2. The finished product packaged in three-dimensional transparent film is beautiful in appearance and high in grade, which is conducive to improving product image;

3. The finished product packaged in three-dimensional transparent film is good in moisture-proof performance, easy to transport and store, and can be adapted to the packaging of biochemical, vaccine and fat-soluble drugs with strict limits on production and storage temperature in the pharmacopoeia;

4. The equipment has no pollution to the working environment and the floor space is small.

Hualibao is a company specializing in the production of PE electrostatic film series products, which is approved by the relevant state departments. The company has strong strength, professional production equipment and superb production technology, the introduction of foreign imported equipment. The quality of the products is leading in the industry, and has been engaged in the PE electrostatic film industry for more than ten years. Among them, the company's production of high temperature resistant PE electrostatic film is the leading position in the industry. The high temperature resistant PE electrostatic film produced by our company can withstand 60 degrees of high temperature and is widely used in various industries.

 PE electrostatic protective film, also known as self-adhesive film, protects high-brightness injection molded products. Features:

1. It does not contain any adhesives, has the advantages of environmental protection, good adaptability and high product quality. Therefore, it is highly concerned by users and is considered to be the development direction of surface protective film production process in the future;

2, does not contain any chemical solvents, does not produce and volatilize any toxic gases and environmentally harmful substances during or after use, and is suitable for use in clean room environments. Uses: Widely used in various industrial fields, it has obvious effects on product surface protection, production process and product shipment and protection during use, effectively reducing the generation of defective products and enhancing product value.

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