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Why does the protective film glue remain on the surface of the product? Apr 30, 2018

       However, if the protective film is degummed and left behind, it will have the opposite effect, and it may cause irreversible damage to the product being protected. Moreover, the protective film degumming and residual glue are very difficult to clean. If the protective film remains, degumming will be uneven. Employing people to clean it up will increases the labor cost, which delays the duration of the project and affects the delivery time. If the contractual deadline for delivery is violated, then the consequences would be disastrous.

Why does the protective film deboned and remain on the surface of the protected object? There are several main reasons

        The quality of the glue is not enough, and the adhesiveness of the glue is poor, so the phenomenon of degumming is likely to occur. Secondly, the anti-aging property of the glue is very weak. The protective film just produced has no problem, but after a relatively long production time, the glue starts to age. The aged adhesive strength of the glue is reduced, the adhesion is weakened, and the adhesive force between the glue and the glue molecules is insufficient to separate the glue from the surface of the object to be protected, resulting in degumming and residue phenomenon.

       Whether the substrate used in the protective film is anti-aging. If you choose recycled plastic after repeated use, it will have a very big impact on the quality of the film, no matter from the tensile strength, temperature resistance, transparency, anti-aging and UV resistance has a very significant decline.

        Then there is the process of protection film manufacturing process, but the adhesion between the protective film and the glue is less than the adhesion of the glue and the surface of the product being protected, and the natural glue is also left on the product. This is the degumming caused by the production process.

       The above are some of the main reasons for the degumming and residue of the protective film.

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