Black and White LDPE Protective Film

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This black and white plastic sheet is made of LDPE material. With black and white master batch input during the process of three layers co-extrusion, it comes out one side black and the other side white. We can coat water based or solvent acrylic acid on the film according to different applications, adhesion from low tack to high tack in the range of 10-1000g/25mm.

პროდუქტის დეტალი

პროდუქტის წარწერები

1.Specification Sheet For Black and White LDPE Protective Film

პროდუქტი: Black and White LDPE Protective Film
სისქე: 0.025-0.2mm
სიგრძე: Maximum 2000m
სიგანე: Maximum 1560mm
ადჰეზია: Low to high, 10 – 1200გ / 25 მმ
Adhesive: Water-based Acrylic; Solvent resin.
Application: Temporary surface protection for stainless steel, ჭიქა, floor, window, metal plate, plastic sheet, და ა.შ..
Features: Environmental, durable, recyclable, safe.
Stable adhering capacity.
Anti-UV added.
Easy to paste, easy to peel without any residue
Acid-resistant, Anti-UV, moisture-proof, anti-corrosion
Packing: Carton package, pallet package, or as required.
MOQ: 20000 sqm
Lead Time: 10~30 days

2.Hualibao Advantages to Manufacture the Black and White LDPE Protective Film

(1) China Top 5 Manufacturer and supplier for the Black and White adhesive protection film

(2) 100% virgin low density polyethylene material.

(3) Clean and smooth films, few crystal points.

(4) Good and steady adhesion.

(5) Good waterproof, anti-UV and antifouling function.

(6) Easy to stick on any products, easy to peel off.

(7) No residue after remove adhesive plastic cover.


3.Applications For Black and White LDPE Protective Film

Პროდუქტის სახელი ადჰეზია სისქე Application
Black and White LDPE Protective Film high 60-150 მიკრონი For surface protection on laminate of matte finish, aluminum lastic composite panel, coated aluminum sheet of matte finish, coated stainless steel panel of matte finish, და ა.შ..
medium 50-100 მიკრონი Galvanized aluminum sheet, frosted stainless, deep drawing sheet, mill finished aluminum sheet, artificid marble, various home applicance’s surface , და ა.შ..
medium-low 50-100 მიკრონი Furniture board, smooth aluminum, tile, coated metal sheet of gloss finish, surface of air-conditioner, plastic sheet such as PMMA, კომპიუტერი, PET, PS, PVC, და ა.შ..
low 50-70 მიკრონი Glass, windows, computer screen, ABS sheet, mirrored steel plate, anodized aluminum, plastic board, and more products of high gloss surface, და ა.შ..

Black and White LDPE Protective Film


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