CPP Protective Film

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Hualibao is a professional manufacturer involved in R & D, design, production and sales for the CPP protective film, PET protective film, OPP protective film and other electronic protective film products. We get a number of patented products. The plastic film can be customized for the enterprise, to meet the industry and personalized needs.

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1.Specification For CPPProtective Film

Პროდუქტის სახელი CPP Protective Film(cast polyolefin, casting polypropylene film)
Shape Roll
Standard სისქე 40 ~ 60 მიკრონი
Standard სიგანე 1020 ~ 1270mm
Standard სიგრძე 100 ~ 1000m/Roll
Adhesion Force 3g-600g/25mm
Subsequent adhesion strength ≥90%
ფერი Clear, dull polish
ტემპერატურის წინააღმდეგობა -10℃ ~ 140℃
Application Surface protection for Light intensifier, diffuser, LGP (light guide plate), PC/PET sheets and other optical materials

CPP Protective Film

2. Product features For CPP Protective Film

(1) High transparency, good flatness;

(2) Good temperature resistance, easy deformation, with a certain degree of scratch without loss of flexibility, softening point is about 140 degrees;

(3) Good hand feeling, shading, heat sealing, not easy to reverse adhesion;

(4) Good moisture and moisture resistance, oxygen resistance and oil resistance;

(5) It is non-toxic, უგემოვნო, odorless and hygienic with a density of 0.92g/ cm3.

3.Overview on Hualibao Factory: large manufacturer, graceful surrounding

4.Hualibao Facilities Overview: Advanced equipments on mass production for CPP Protective Film

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